You’re Invited To the Partner Visa Academy 


When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade! 

Don’t let this time of uncertainty delay your plans for the future. 

We have heard the cries and worries of a lot of couples who were hoping to embark on the journey of a lifetime….. Preparing their Partner visa or Prospective marriage visa.

Times are uncertain and ever changing right now...

We want to step you through this and give you a clear pathway, plan and keep you up to date on the changes as they happen. 

While the rest of the world stops, we’re going to keep you moving forward…..!!!

This 4 Week Super Guide will help you kickstart your own partner visa journey. 

Learn how you can do it on your own with the help of not only our Partner Visa Academy but the addition of our weekly Monday coaching session, setting the goals for the week...

Here’s how it works...

My team are personally going to coach you to the finish line!!!!!!!

Our 4 Week Coaching Program includes:

Everything that is already offered in the “Peace of Mind Package”

PLUS…  see below; 

  • FOCUS - Each week, we will give you a set of goals and tasks to accomplish. This will help you clear other distractions and focus on those things that matters;

  • TAILORED COACHING - In addition to our weekly Q & A we will also be conducting a personalised coaching session to start the week. We want to remove all confusion so you start the week with CONFIDENCE;                                                                                              
  • Be Part of a Community - CONNECT with other couples from all-around the world who are on the same partner visa journey. Just like you, they are stuck at home and are focusing on progressing their love with the preparation of their partner visa;
  • Amazing Support - Our Team is here to SUPPORT you through your partner visa journey, even more so during this time of uncertainties brought by the current Covid-19 situation;

  • Up-To-Date News and Updates - You will be kept UP TO DATE on changes and issues resulting from Covid-19 as soon as they become available;

  • Q n As - We will be hosting our usual Question and Answer session every Thursday night to help you and others with their own struggles and frustrations while undergoing the partner visa journey.

Stop wasting time fumbling your way around blogs and forums, quit asking questions of couples whose experience is limited to lodging just a single application!!!


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