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Introducing The Partner Visa Academy

Yasmin Steurer

Google Review - 20 October 2020

The videos and modules were easy and contained all important information to organise, structure and plan our visa application in a way we were confident about our case. 

Nikki Woodward

Google Review - 5 October 2020

Emma and her team were literally ‘beacons of light’ for us through our journey, and we highly recommend to couples needing honest & not greedy legal immigration support.

Richard Vergara

Facebook Review - 10 June 2020

By following all the guidelines which were provided in the academy portal, we could understand better which is necessary to have a successful case and how to put the application together.


The affordable way to give your Partner Visa application the best chance of success


Stop wasting time scrolling through old blog articles or forums trying to find answers to your question. The info on these may not be accurate anyway. We guarantee "best practice instructions" that are up to date and accurate,  as they're created by our Registered Migration Agents. No more scrolling clunky government websites.


You'll get access to weekly “office hours” so you can talk live with a Registered Migration Agent,  all you have to do, is submit your questions! They’re also recorded and saved so you can access them later on. This means if you get stuck or have any questions, you can have them answered by a real person. Take that, Google!


The Partner Visa Academy is an online hub where you’ll learn about what it takes to put a Partner Visa Application together. It’s interactive, easy to follow, and our detailed explainer videos walk you through each element of the application process right up until you click “submit”.


You’ll have access to the templates our team of Registered Migration Agents use — including guides for your statements, witness statements, timeline and much more. You'll know you’re following a roadmap that has been tried and tested on hundreds of real live cases.

Benji Benjamin

Google Review - 16 October 2020

The team at The Partner Visa Academy & Freedom Migration we’re so helpful all the way through our visa application.

Charlie Coë

Facebook Review - 7 October 2020

The price is affordable and we honestly think the academy has given our application the best chance of success.

Nuala Sayers

Facebook Review - 27 July 2020

All the lessons are great and straightforward and I always felt like my questions would get answered, I was never left waiting.


Not into studying? No worries. The Partner Visa Academy gives you bite sized lessons for a stress-free application.

The Partner Visa Academy is an interactive platform that breaks your application down into simple steps, so this is nothing like cramming for an exam. No memorisation, no ticking clock. Simply open up a module, download the templates related to the topic, then watch the video so you know how to complete them. Before you know it, you'll have a professional and well-prepared application ready to submit.


Want a bit of extra security? Get your application checked by one of our Registered Migration Agents before you submit it for peace of mind.

Clicking ‘submit’ on your application can feel like a $7000 gamble. Trust us, even Registered Migration Agents feel the pressure. Beyond the money and time you've invested, the future of you and your loved one living in Australia together is at stake. So, The Partner Visa Academy we offer an optional full review of your application before you submit it plus detailed instructions on how to improve it if we find any mistakes or weaknesses. See Peace of Mind Package below.

Alisha Ffion Sara

Facebook Review - 23 July 2020

The PVA has been amazing, so informative and the agents are super friendly. I would recommend the PVA to everyone, it made the process so much easier and less stressful!

Natasha A. Mills
Facebook Review - 29 March 2020

The videos are informative and easy to understand; they show you exactly what is needed and how to accomplish each aspect of the visa application process.

Mari Lia Miyuki

Facebook Review - 21 January 2020

 The team is incredibly helpful and amazing people. They will answer your questions promptly and will take care of your case very well.



Peace of Mind

For that extra peace of mind have your application checked before you lodge


  • 120 days access to The Partner Visa Academy
  • 70+ instructional videos
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for members only
  • Templates and guides used by Migration Agents (Partner Visa Specialists)
  • Complimentary 1-hour Evidence Planning Session with a Migration Agent
  • Access to weekly Office Hours to get your questions answered by Registered Migration Agents
  • 1-hour Full Application Review with a Registered Migration Agent (Partner Visa Specialist)
  • Detailed Report of ways to help strengthen your Partner Visa Application created by Registered Migration Agents 
Do It Yourself

Start the application process today with a complete guide to step you through


  • 90 days access to The Partner Visa Academy
  • 70+ instructional videos
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for members only
  • Templates and guides used by Migration Agents (Partner Visa Specialists)
  • Complimentary 1-hour Evidence Planning Session with a Migration Agent
  • Access to weekly Office Hours to get your questions answered by Registered Migration Agents
  • Credit to Upgrade to The Peace of Mind package anytime


Emma Drynan

Principal Migration Agent


Joanne Cotton-Odgaard

Registered Migration Agent


Driven by a desire to help all couples who are in love but separated by distance and circumstance, we created The Partner Visa Academy to assist and teach couples how to manage their own partner visa application.  Read More


The Partner Visa Academy 5-Week Bootcamp

The Partner Visa Academy Bootcamp is like The Peace of Mind Package but on steroids! Over time, we noticed couples procrastinating and we know how overwhelming it could be. After all, we weren't born to do this. So we created The Partner Visa Academy Bootcamp to help you go through the process as smooth and easy as singing A B C!

The Partner Visa Academy Bootcamp is a 5-week program created to provide you direction.

Every week, you are given a set of goals and tasks to accomplish to help you FOCUS and complete your application quicker than expected.

Bonus 1: Get Connected

Connect with other couples going through their own Partner Visa journey from around the globe. Just like you, they are completing their application in the comforts of their own home and in their own time. Find the community support you never knew existed!

Bonus 2: Get Extra Boost and Confidence

Attend Q&A live sessions as well as a personal coaching sessions conducted by Partner Visa Experts weekly. It's time to erase your doubts and worries and complete your Partner Visa application with confidence!

Bonus 3: Receive Professional Support

Receive the support you know you needed from professionals even in these tough times. Our Partner Visa Experts are available until after office hours and on specific times on the weekend. Schedule an appointment at your convenience!

Bonus 4: Stay Up to date

Keep informed and updated regarding relevant Partner Visa News. Join the free webinars discussing issues, news and updates at hand and receive free recordings for when you miss it!

Additional inclusions:
  • Receive weekly video guides from our Registered Migration Agent to help you complete your weekly tasks.
  • Receive in-depth worksheets provided by our Partner Visa Academy Manager to polish your application 
  • Attend FREE end of the week room sessions to engage with our Partner Visa Experts and celebrate accomplishments, progress and wins with other couples.

The Partner Visa Academy isn't for everyone!

It’s important to know that while The Partner Visa Academy is ideal for standard Partner Visa applications, it's not suitable for complex cases. So, if you or your partner have health issues or a criminal history, if the sponsor has sponsored someone previously, or if the applicant has ever had issues with existing visas (like non-compliance that resulted in them having to leave Australia), then you may want to hand this over to the professionals. Either way, best to get started by booking a Visa Strategy Session with a Registered Migration Agent. The visa planning and advice session will help you determine if the Partner Visa Academy is for you.

Not Suitable if you have:

  • Health Issues
  • Criminal History
  • Previously Sponsored
  • Existing Visa Issue