In 2009 I founded Freedom Migration, simply passionate about LOVE, we are Partner Visa specialists. 

In recent years, the number  of couples unable to afford professional help with the Partner Visa migration route has increased. 

Where couples would previously opt to engage professionals like us, many can no longer afford to do so. For these couples, their ‘love journey’ relies on correctly navigating the visa process. 

Driven by a desire to help all couples who are in love but separated by distance and circumstance, we created The Partner Visa Academy to assist and teach couples how to manage their own partner visa application.

By empowering applicants with the typical skills, tools and processes as used by a trade professional but accessible through the Academy, they have a better shot at getting things right. 

Although this level of information sharing is contrary to usual migration industry practice which dictates that ‘knowledge means business’ and information is closely guarded, we strongly feel  every couple deserves the best chance at love. Couples engage our services because of the knowledge we have about a very complicated and subjective process.  

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. In the process of obtaining Partner Visas for our clients, we get to meet incredible people from diverse backgrounds, hear amazing stories and receive awesome feedback.  Our clients in turn recommend our services to others. They tell us they use us “because we listen, we care and we’re specialists.”

- Emma Drynan

Emma Drynan

Founder of The Partner Visa Academy

MARN 0960361

Joanne Cotton-Odgaard

Registered Migration Agent

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