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ACCURATE & UP TO DATE. Stop wasting time scrolling through old blog articles or forums trying to find answers to your question. The info on these may not be accurate anyway. We guarantee "best practice instructions" that are up to date and accurate, as they're created by our Registered Migration Agents. No more scrolling clunky government websites.

REAL PEOPLE TO TALK TO. You'll get access to weekly “office hours” so you can talk live with a Registered Migration Agent, all you have to do, is submit your questions! They’re also recorded and saved so you can access them later on. This means if you get stuck or have any questions, you can have them answered by a real person. Take that, Google!

ONLINE GUIDE. The Partner Visa Academy is an online hub where you’ll learn about what it takes to put a Partner Visa Application together. It’s interactive, easy to follow, and our detailed explainer videos walk you through each element of the application process right up until you click “submit”.

DOWNLOADABLE TEMPLATES. You’ll have access to the templates our team of Registered Migration Agents use — including guides for your statements, witness statements, timeline and much more. You'll know you’re following a roadmap that has been tried and tested on hundreds of real live cases.

Laura Ayyoub

Google Review

29 June 2021

After a few sessions with Joanne and a few hours of reading through and watching all videos/templates, I truly felt at ease and confident in my application. We chose the “DIY Package” and felt that it was an abundant amount of information for us and I couldn’t be happier.

Dichen Lham

 Google Review

28 June 2021

I couldn’t say it enough but the team were just really serious about helping partners and really meant when they said, “we understand what partners go through with these visa applications”! Financially I thought it was absolutely WORTH it!

Cathy H

Google Review

29 June 2021

The PVA videos, templates and samples are a great help when preparing for a DIY partner visa application.It is great that PVA has the Facebook group where members can share and help give advice to each other regarding their questions and experiences. Thanks PVA for offering this service!

The Partner Visa Academy isn't for everyone!

Not Suitable if you have:

  • Health Issues
  • Criminal History
  • Previously Sponsored
  • Existing Visa Issue

It’s important to know that while The Partner Visa Academy is ideal for standard Partner Visa applications, it's not suitable for complex cases. So, if you or your partner have health issues or a criminal history, if the sponsor has sponsored someone previously, or if the applicant has ever had issues with existing visas (like non-compliance that resulted in them having to leave Australia), then you may want to hand this over to the professionals. Either way, best to get started by booking a Visa Planning Session with a Registered Migration Agent. The visa planning and advice session will help you determine if the Partner Visa Academy is for you.

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