Meet some of our Happy Couples!!!

Daniel Bauly

 Facebook Review

25 November 2020

Emma and her team were very helpful and accommodating, they were able to answer all of our questions and gave us great advice. The academy platform was easy to use and as a result, our offshore Partner visa was approved in just over 4 months. We couldn't be happier with the service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody else. 

Ivy Li

 Google Review

20 November 2020

Partner Visa Academy have made our visa application so much easier! The guides really helped simplify the application, and support was always there from Grace, Joanne, the PVA team, and the dedicated Facebook group when we needed it. My partner and I lodged our 820/801 application, with minimal fuss. Would highly recommend Partner Visa Academy for anyone who wants to complete the application themselves, with some professional guidance along the way. Thank you PVA! ?

Robert Flores

 Google Review

6 November 2020

My partner and I recently got approved for out 820 visa! This is all thanks to the Partner Visa Academy. The academy is affordable and simple to use. From the beginning, the team at Freedom Migration, were super helpful in answering all our questions and concerns. We then joined their Facebook group which helped us keep up-to-date with visa changes, and get answers to our questions during the entire process. The academy itself had all the resources and checklists we needed to successfully submit our 820. The modules are easy to follow, very clear, and without it, my partner and I don't feel we would have had the same level of confidence in submitting our visa without their help. Highly recommend Freedom Migration and the Partner Visa Academy!

Jess Golding

 Google Review

27 October 2020

We used the Partner Visa Academy for my fiance's permanent residency visa and highly recommend them!!!

Yasmin Steurer

 Google Review

20 October 2020

The Partner Visa Academy was vital to our personal 820 visa success. The videos and modules were easy and contained all important information to organise, structure and plan our visa application in a way we were confident about our case. During the planning process, the Partner Visa academy team and especially Joanne reassured us during Office Hours as well as our Individual Planning Session that we are on the right track. The Facebook Group is a great place to ask for experience / advice, share tips and celebrate each other's visa approvals. We are now in the process of applying for the second stage - the 801 visa and are looking forward to our future together in Australia. Thank you Partner Visa Academy!

Charlie Coë

Facebook Review

7 October 2020

Thank you so much to the PVA team for all their help. The price is affordable and we honestly think the academy has given our application the best chance of success. Partner visas can seem daunting and the paperwork so complicated - but with Joanne, Emma, Grace and the team breaking it down into digestible chunks it made the process so much easier. Joanne made us feel at ease from the start and Grace literally bent over backwards (even answering queries on weekends) to help us through the process. Couldn’t recommend the PVA enough!

MP Cindy Wang

Facebook Review

20 March 2020

I did a lot of research online before I decided which agent I would use. The experience of using the partner visa academy proved that it was such a great decision to choose it! The office hour service and facebook group really helped me to get through the application process.
Everyone in the team is friendly and hardworking!

Max Chuquimia-Borrelli

Facebook Review

12 September 2020

The Partner Visa Academy was the alternative option for a DIY visa application we didn’t know existed but sorely needed. The videos gave a great explanation of everything that was required to complete the application and the team’s review of our final documentation ensured we felt confident before lodgment!

Michael Nunn

 Google Review

22 September 2020

Great step by step process with videos to help. No way we could have done it without the academy.

Jemma Moody

Facebook Review

22 June 2020

My husband and I are so grateful for the support and guidance we have received through the Partner Visa Academy. Not only did it give us peace of mind that we were on the right track, but we were also so glad to be part of the group where all our questions and worries were answered and where we didn't feel like we were in this on our own. We received really specific responses to many many questions along the way and we were so well supported during the entire process even though we were on a very short time frame. Many many thanks for your time, energy and expertise. Cannot recommend the academy highly enough ?

Eurica Ison

Facebook Review

22 April 2020

Hi Guys! I can't thank you enough for your expert and your friendly advice. At first, my Partner and I had so much questions and doubts over our heads about the steps to take or how we should go about on our Visa. We did not know where to start. We read different blogs and threads from alot of different sources, but it only gave us so much confusion and stress. Luckily, my friend recommended your team, and after having our one-on-one consultation with Emma and Joanne, my Partner and I felt confident about kicking off our Visa application. Your modules and guide on the portal made it so easy and smooth to follow. Office hours has been a great tool for us too. It's a very helpful and friendly community. Being able to raise up questions whenever we're stuck, or just simply listening to other questions from other members who are also facing the same issues made us feel were not alone on this journey. Thank you guys so much again, especially Joanne! You guys are all so amazing and keep it rocking guys!!

Diego Fernando Villamil Velasquez

Facebook Review

29 March 2020

Thank you guys so much for making this so simple and easier, this process wouldn’t be the same without you guys and your guidance walking us through this entire overwhelming process, but thanks to the this incredible team we could get through and put our application together. We definitely couldn’t make this happen without your help and all the videos on the website and answers on Facebook, we are very happy that we found you guys: The Partner Visa Academy and Freedom Migration and can’t thank you enough for all you guys did for us.

Chan King Wa

Facebook Review

17 January 2020

We went to 2 lawyers and did lots of research before we chose partner visa academy, which is the best choice we made. we got a bad experience in one of the paramatta lawyers, it shows extremely wonderful in google comments, we talked in phone and knew the lawyer price was $4000, but when we went there it became $5000, and they focused us to write comment after the first consultation when we were leaving(gave us ipad to make google comments in front of her), after that we found out we were almost be rip off, as there are so many sub-charge like answer your phone call, reply your email- they all charge. Luckily, we just lost $200 for the consultation and stop it. we took "peace of mind package" at PVA- that is really 'peace of mind' - strongly recommend to pay extra as they are professional, they saw thousands of cases and Joanne pointed out something we should be aware of- that is fantastic. Joanne is amazing. luckily she saw it and told us. Also she pointed out which aspects we should add more information. the most important is she checked everything and told us the start day of the relationship should be ....as i don't understand the date should be...( that is an extremely important issue), We think it is absolutely worth it. Joanne, Grace they are extremely helpful, Joanne promised me to give us back the feedback on that day, she really did it and I received her email at 2am. And Grace seems like 24/7, she replied to my email or message after office hour and even in the weekend. They gave us a lot of support and information. Apart from the useful video(step by step), we fellow it all.They are extremely useful and reduce lots of hassle. Plus, the facebook group is amazing, you can found the same people, which are applying visa like you. they are hard working to make their visas, which give you more motivation to finish yours as well. And if i have any questions in the middle of filling the form, i left a message on facebook group, they replied my question very quick without costing you extra money ?.Or sometimes, i have a look of people's questions and got some idea for myself to finish the application. If you are still looking for an Agent or Lawyer to help you lodge your visa. You could stop here, try PVA and make a booking with Grace( we were with Grace for the first introduction of PVA) or her team. Grace is so generous and has a passion for helping you. We leave comments by heart and it is after we used the service. I hope my comments would help you make a decision. 100% happy with the service.? Thank you very much again for the PVA team.

Ivan Kuek

Facebook Review

22 October 2019

If you are looking to apply for a partner visa look no further. Why?

1. The Partner visa academy is a team of migrant agents that only specialize in partner visas. Their in-depth knowledge on this specific visa makes a difference.

2. Value for money. You can choose the DIY option which is very comprehensive and at the same time you get to ask questions which are answered by the community of those applying for partner visas and also migrant agents.

3. Most importantly, they have the clients best interests at heart. This is evident in them offering a DIY option which is so comprehensive and also Modular options which allow you to have more guidance if needed.

You got to try it to understand what I mean!

Nathan Raco

Facebook Review

17 October 2019

Partner visa academy made me and my partners life so much easier when lodging our partner visa! Everytime we had a question or an issue we just looked to the partner visa academy for help and assistance. It made sure that everything we did was accurate and the staff have years of experience so you know everything you do is working! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without it and would’ve missed so much
Thanks partner visa academy! Make sure you get onto it as soon as you start the process

Hannah Mathers

Facebook Review

2 October 2019

The overwhelming process and stress was hugely reduced with the help of Grace, Joanne and Emma. Not only could they answer all the questions I had, but the whole process or working with lawyers felt personal and took a lot of the pressure away. I’m glad we chose to DIY, because it was simple in the end, and there was plenty of support. The whole process felt more like a coursework module at uni then legal documentation. Even recommended family starting the process should do the same. Couldn’t recommend more, and the understanding to allow you to pay in instalments showed us the academy care about its members and are switched on to how to help smooth all aspects.
Thank you for all your help! 

Sofie Burgoyne

Facebook Review

17 September 2019

Applying for a Partner Visa is not easy, even with the help of the Partner Visa Academy. However, if you are tech-savvy, time-friendly and have the energy to navigate the online process of applying yourself, then the Academy is perfect. Also if you are like us, and cannot afford an agent to do it for you, then this is a fantastic option. The Academy gives you all the information that you'll need to apply for it, yourself. If we ever had questions, they were always answered. We also upgraded to have our application reviewed and the feedback was very helpful. Emma, Grace and Joanne were all extra kind and helpful!

Kerryn Kavanagh

Facebook Review

26 August 2019

Partner visa academy was so helpful to us putting together our application. There is no way we would have included nearly as much without having their helpful checklists and templates, and most of all it was just so reassuring to know that the application we submitted was really well prepared. Makes the very long wait a bit more bearable knowing we had done absolutely everything we could! The weekly office hours are a huge help, as you can get your very specific questions answered, but the other members are also really willing to share stories and advice as well. Can’t recommend enough!

Harriet Southall-Brown

Facebook Review

13 August 2019

When looking to apply for a visa that means so much, we knew we needed help but couldn’t afford the complete help of a Registered Migration Agent so when we discovered the Partner Visa Academy we knew this was what we needed. The videos in the Academy explained everything clearly and helped make us feel confident in the application we were putting together. Any questions, big or small, were answered quickly and nothing was too much trouble. Everyone we had contact with was extremely knowledgable so we knew we were in safe hands. The Office Hours every week we’re really helpful to have more difficult questions explained verbally. The review of our documents was completed promptly and really did give us the ‘Peace of Mind’ we needed in an application we would have definitely seen as a lottery if we had put it together completely on our own. Thank you Partner Visa Academy, we were so glad we chose you to help put our Partner Visa application together!?

Tom Björkstén

Facebook Review

9 July 2019

Everything you need to submit a high quality application at less than half the cost of a migration agent. They also provide excellent service and advice, would recommend to anyone.

Nieke Tjokro

Facebook Review

9 July 2019

We both feel very fortunate to have found you! We initially saw an immigration lawyer but felt dissatisfied with their service, significantly out of pocket, and a bit lost. The one on one session we had with Emma immediately gave us direction, and she was very approachable. That set the tone for our experience. We continued to feel supported through the resources on the website, responses to queries through the facebook group and also to queries via email including one instance that was swiftly responded to out of hours. We have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Matthew More Heseltine

Facebook Review

25 May 2019

I can’t recommend the Partner Visa Academy enough. Paying full agent fees to put together an application on top of the cost of the visa simply isn’t realistic for some people (including us). Having quick and easy access to a logical step by step guide on completing the visa start to finish has been invaluable in the process. A massive part of this visa application is so daunting because you can often feel like you are completely alone and don’t have anyone to ask small questions/seek advice. It’s been good to be a part of the Facebook group and having quick answers to any questions we have had. Friendly and excellent service- thanks guys.

Dana Broderick

Facebook Review

9 May 2019

The partner visa was everything we were looking for! We were granted our permanent partner visa this week and couldn’t be more thrilled! With the help of the partner visa academy we were able to do it ourselves and felt like they prepared us to do the best possible application. We did the entire thing in our own and was not asked for any additional information!

From the weekly videos to the templates found online, the partner visa has it all to help you do you application yourself!

Wishing everyone best of luck!

Laura Mumford

Facebook Review

21 April 2018

The Partner Visa Academy is absolutely fantastic if you need help and advice with your partner visa. At first I was listening to advice from friends but came to realise all the advice was different from everyone I spoke to. I then came across freedom migration on you tube and found the videos so helpful! I contact them and booked a session. The advice I got was fantastic! They really listen to your case as everyone’s is so different and they give advice based on your own relationship! I was told about the academy as I still felt so confused with how to piece together my application. The academy is the best thing I spent my money on. It’s affordable and simple to use! The step by step videos and support from the Facebook group made the process very easy. I am now confident I have a great application! There is so much more to the partner visa application than what is stated on the immigration website and the partner visa academy guide you through your journey ensuring you have everything included in your application. If you are having doubts about joining, I can guarantee it was the best thing I done! It took away the stress and worry and I completed my application in just 4 weeks of joining. I’d be happy to help anyone if they have questions about the academy! Also Emma is fantastic! Quick responses and answers to all your questions!

Here is to LOVE. 

Lucy Dorey

Facebook Review

18 March 2019

I found the whole application process really stressful because my partner and I are a young couple and so I was been worried that due to the lack of long term evidence that we would have an issue... I've literally been dreaming about this application I couldn't stop thinking about it but honestly the PVA has been amazing and i'm so glad i stumbled across you guys! Its really put my mind at rest and its amazing how quickly the agents have got back to me when I've had a question (which has been a lot). SO thank you all so much!!!!!

Peter Johnston

  Faceboook Review

17 April 2018

The Partner Visa Academy and the Freedom Migration team made the whole process so simple. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different forms but my partner and I joined the Partner Visa academy with Freedom Migration and it walked us through the entire process. At any point we were confused or had a question, we'd just log into the academy and sure enough the answers where there and easy to find. I can't recommend it highly enough, it has made our lives so much easier but not only that, the is information in priceless - there is no way we would have know how to prepare and what to prepare, to the level of detail and accuracy that the academy provided.... AH! THANK YOUUUUUUU.

Nikita Obemuller

 Google Review

20 November 2020

My partner and I used the partner visa academy to help us lodge our on shore 820/801 visa. We met in Sydney almost two years before lodging and had been living together for one year at the time of application. We began the process alone however The whole application felt overwhelming. This is when we came across the Partner Visa Academy. We opted for the peace of mind package and both agree this was a great decision. We couldn't afford to have an agent take over our entire application so this was an excellent, affordable alternative. The partner visa academy helped guide us throughout the application and was simple to navigate. The interface was user friendly and the videos helped immensely. The preparation was still time consuming but the regular support and encouragement from the PVA boot camp helped us stay on target and complete the application in time. The review of our documents before lodgement has made it easier to be confident in our submition. I couldn't reccomend the partner visa academy enough. In our eyes it was money very well spent!

Michaela Jocher

 Google Review

1 November 2020

Loved the Partner Visa academy! The Process of applying for the 820/801 visa can be quite overwhelming. Specifically on how to present all the evidence. The Academy offers great videos and guidelines on how to prepare the visa application and on what to watch out for. Also the Facebook group is super helpful and the weekly office hours providing help if being stucked a certain form or has a question to the individual circumstances of the applicant. Love support! We paid for the basic pack as our application and relationships was pretty straight forward and felt we didn't need to have our application reviewed by an immigration agent, we felt very secure with with the guidelines and videos provided by PVA. Our 820 visa got granted after 15 months waiting period.

Amanda Sceiczina

 Google Review

12 October 2020

The Partner Visa Academy is the only / best place to assist you in our Australian visa process. Emma and her team are a pleasure to work with. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. Me and my husband have received our temp permanent resident visa and about to lodge our next stage 801! *Best part, they have a group on FB where once you register you can join and ask questions / share experiences / celebrate visa approvals! Thank you Partner Visa Academy!

Nikki Woodward

 Google Review

5 October 2020

The Partner Visa Academy is the only place to go to attain your Australian partner visas at an affordable price. Their DIY online training is leading edge, with easy to follow instructions that got us our 309/100 visas by following their clear processes during Covid. We had a ‘difficult’ country, but with their support, both in person one on one and through their online training, we made it through this difficult process. Emma and her team were literally ‘beacons of light’ for us through our journey, and we highly recommend to couples needing honest & not greedy legal immigration support. We are so happy, we are now firm advocates for this services to others! Bless you Emma for putting love first ❤️

Nuala Sayers

Facebook Review

27 July 2020

Emma and her team are truly great, could not have done it without you! All the lessons are great and straightforward and I always felt like my questions would get answered, I was never left waiting or confused. Felt like a (fairly!) smooth sailing process and so crucial to getting everything in properly and in a timely way so it didn't have to be such a daunting ordeal. Truly appreciated and would definitely recommend, thanks again

Richard Vergara

Facebook Review

10 June 2020

My partner and I have spoken to 3 migration lawyers before getting to know the partner visa academy. They all have told us that we did not have any chance to apply for the partner visa.
Since then, we were unhopeful and lost.
One day my partner saw some videos on YouTube about PVA which made us interested to get to know about the academy better.
We had our first consultation where we became interested in the services.
We first spoke with grace a lovely girl who explained most of the process we have to go through to apply for the visa.
We felt we are in the right place so we decided to join the academy.
By following all the guidelines which were provided in the academy portal, we could understand better which is necessary to have a successful case and how to put the application together.
And guess what....we have applied for the visa in January 2020 and in just only 4 months we got our subclass 820 granted.
If it was not for the academy, we would have the opportunity to provide all the pieces of evidence in an organised way.
I can guarantee Joanne, Emma, Grace and all the partner visa team will do their best to help you if needed.
They are just amazing people.
Thank you again.

Natasha A. Mills

Facebook Review

29 March 2020

I highly recommend Partner Visa Academy. The staff are approachable and friendly; ready to answer any and all questions to help you along your partner visa journey. The videos are informative and easy to understand; they show you exatactly what is needed and how to accomplish each aspect of the visa application process. Their weekly office hours Q&A is excellent and their Facebook page is a wonderful asset while you sort out all the information you need. My partner and I could not have lodged my visa application without them.

Mari Lia Miyuki

Facebook Review

21 January 2020

I can't thank you enough for everything the Partner Visa Academy team has provided to us.☺️ The team is incredibly helpful and amazing people. They will answer your questions promptly and will take care of your case very well. The videos and templates in the online portal are clear and informative, which will guide you the steps by step on what you have to follow and do. I can honestly say that the one hour section with Joanne was terrific. She was knowledgeable, honest, and professional about everything in the consultation. I was pleased with the information and feedback she gave us. The Facebook page and the office hours also helped us with some guidance, clarifications, and doubts we had. I can highly recommend PVA. They are the best partner visa agency in Australia??, and I would like to say thank you again, Emma, Joanne, and Grace, for the fantastic job you are providing, not for me but everyone. ?

Rebecca Gibb

Facebook Review

11 December 2019

Emma and her team were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I would not have been able to go through this process without them! I would highly recommend them to anyone going through the partner visa application - a big thanks to the whole team!!

Manda Jervois

Facebook Review

4 December 2019

The Partner Visa Academy was a fantastic way to do our partner visa application. Each section is so well explained with videos and templates and fact sheets and it makes the process so much easier and organised. The Facebook group is also terrific. The Academy responds quickly or addresses questions in office hours, with no question too small. Can't recommend enough!

Roxanne Stewart

Facebook Review

25 October 2019

Processing a Partner Visa is not that easy especially if you don't know to where to begin the whole process at first place.
Thanks God there is Partner Visa Academy that was very helpful to us. They provide various options of their services that suits your budget.Providing informative videos and templates as a guide to whole process. Aside from that there is also a live video to where you can ask questions and can get some idea as well.They also entertain questions through private message.

All we can say is Thank you so much for being part of our journey in processing our Partner Visa.We hope more success to your company so you can help more people like us who needs your excellent service.

Job well done to the whole team.?

Sara Rohani

Facebook Review

17 October 2019

I highly recommend Partner Visa Academy.

They provide you with lots of informative videos, templates for you and your partner, they answer all your questions and help you step by step with your application.

They've replied to my emails even at 4 am, thank you Grace for all your help! ☺️

They have some amazing migration agents, Joanne is absolutely lovely. Talking to her makes your day better and the application process less stressful ☺️?

The piece of mind package really gives you a piece of mind! ☺️

Ebony Makwana

Facebook Review

7 October 2019

I would like to thank Emma and the entire team at Partner Visa Academy for all of your help and support in assisting us obtain the prospective marriage visa for my fiancé to come to Australia. Even with a few complexities in our case, your academy really helped us prepare our application and understand how to go about the whole process. To be able to ask questions and have them answered by a registered migration agent was a real weight lifted off our shoulders. Our visa was approved and we will be getting married shortly. It was a long difficult road being apart but it was all made just that little bit less stressful due to the help we received from the Partner Visa academy. We even got a beautiful little Congratulations gift in the mail after we received our grant. Thank you so much! We would not hesitate in recommending this as a support for those who are thinking about doing the application themselves. It doesn’t take away the many many hours of effort needed to put the application together, but it certainly saves time in showing you how to go preparing your application and things you need to consider. The videos were well put together.

Lisa Nagano

Facebook Review

26 August 2019

My partner and I am are extremely happy with the work and overall that Partner Visa Academy had helped us prepared and go through the process. I would be really happy to recommend Partner Visa Academy to who looking for a need of help and guidance for partnership visa. They take the matter really professionally and will even go further to check your progress every time. Lastly, you never can go wrong with Partner Visa Academy. Thank you once again! Xo

Delana Rose

Facebook Review

16 August 2019

This is a great option for lodging your partner visa and exceeded expectations. The information is well thought out and I would have never beeen able to prepare such an application without the help of partner visa academy. Eliminated the stress of endless scrolling through websites and chats and wondering whether the information is still relevant. Highly recommended.

Isabel Santos

Facebook Review

22 July 2019

Everything youThe team at PVA have been so patient with my questions and quick to answer. I wouldnt have been able to have done it all by myself without their guidance. The video tutorials are self explanatory and easy to follow. They made me feel more confident with my application and also my life easier. All thanks to the ladies at PVA in particular Grace who has been replying to all my questions and so kind throughout this process. THANK YOU for helping applicants that have no clue on how to put an application together and where to start . need to submit a high quality application at less than half the cost of a migration agent. They also provide excellent service and advice, would recommend to anyone.

Andrea Chen

Facebook Review

11 July 2019

My wife and I are very pleased with the Partner Visa Academy. It gave us tons of information and really helped us get an overview of the applicaion process, which had seemed impossibly complicated and daunting before. The online videos and documents, together with the final review, were really helpful and also much cheaper than hiring a migration agent to do everything for us.

Kristina Tiedemann

Facebook Review

6 June 2019

We found the partner visa academy just a few weeks before my working holiday visa expired and were already almost done with the visa application preparations. I wished, I had found the academy sooner because it has invaluable resources that answer so many of the questions that visa applicants have in that stressful time.
It helped us a lot in the last stage of our application and the feedback about our application was very helpful and professional. We particularly appreciate the fact that they were very quick to process our application (one day), since my visa was about to expire and we were in a hurry to lodge the partner visa application.
We will recommend the partner visa academy to anyone who has to go through the partner visa application!

Ewa Holgersson

Facebook Review

16 May 2019

When we first started the process of lodging the Partner Visa application, we were lost. We had so many unanswered questions that we didn’t know how to manage. We realized that process will be challenging and we sought an advice of other people who had been through similar experience. They advised us to contact a professional agent as the task and amount of paperwork can be very daunting and there is no guarantee to get all documents correctly completed. We contacted Emma from Freedom Migration and she recommended to sign into Partners Visa Academy website which has several video presentations and other resources that guided us through the process. The information provided was very good and we followed the instructions step-by-step to collect all relevant documents. Later, we used one of their specialists Joanne to check our application and followed the recommendations. Partner Visa Academy provided us with an effective tool to navigate through the complexity of application and learn from the experience of other couples. We would strongly recommend to sign up with Academy to save yourself much worries and headache if you do not have experience in dealing with immigration matters.

Tayla-Kay Morgillo

Facebook Review

26 April 2019

The Partner Visa Academy has been the most amazing team to be a part of! we are so thankful and so grateful to everyone apart of this because everything was so well explained and broken down to easily understand! and any other questions we had, they were so lovely and kind in responding to us as quickly, even during the night and on holidays...… emails, Skype, EVERYTHING!! I honestly could have not asked to be with a better company to take my Partner and I through this Journey! Thank you so much to the WHOLE team, (and a special shout out to Grace!!) for making this experience so great for us! we are forever grateful to you all for giving us our happily ever after!! ❤

Kesanee Thesthim

Facebook Review

28 March 2019

Partner visa academy provides clear and easy to understand information on how to prepare our documents until lodging the application. The info on the portal are grouped into steps, which is really good when you get overwhelmed and dont quite sure where to start

Cnd CG Selak

Facebook Review

27 March 2019

The Partner Visa Academy/Freedom Migration is the best and they help us alot how to lodge our application and easy to contact them everytime we stuck.Their advise are amazing and they guide us from the beggining and YES We Made it!!!
My husband Ivan and I are together now and happy with our 3 kids ??
Thank you Partnet Visa Academy,Emma Drynan,Joanne Cotton-Odgaard and Grace Plando ?

Jay Gorasia

 Facebook Review

27 February 2019

We highly recommend The Partner Visa Academy as they offer an abundance of help and assistance to process your partner visa. Their video academy is straightforward and they provide all the templates you require to make a successful application. If it weren't for their resources and assistance throughout, we would be helpless! Thank you Grace and Emma for being so patient with us and guiding us throughout! Much love to you both ❤❤

Evans Quenette

Facebook Review

20 February 2019

A year ago we wondered where to even begin with our Application. And today I am writing this post in Australia. We couldn’t have done it without the support of the team at PVA. Don’t risk your money. Speak to people who cares! Thank you once again for all your help and guidance. ?

Carina Jensen

Facebook Review

16 July 2018

My partner and I stumbled across Partner Visa Academy online after spending hours upon hours reading forums and blogs to get some insight into the current process of a partner visa. We had a 1 on 1 skype session with Joanne and explained our situation and she made us feel very at ease and was so helpful with what we need to collate. We then joined the academy and we both agree it was the best $500 we have ever spent in our lives. It has taken so much stress away. We had spent months time wasting and stressing about it. The Academy is so thorough and if there is anything you are not sure of you can bring it up in the weekly live consults with Emma. We have now lodged our application and are 100% confident we have covered every aspect that immigration require thanks to the team at the PVA. Cannot praise you enough.Thank you for providing an affordable option for people going through a very stressful time.

Danilo De Moura Ferrero

Facebook Review

6 November 2018

Since the day I started to be part of the academy, I was very happy to have all the support they gave to me through videos, templates, documents and the Facebook group. Always with quick answers and taking all my doubts about any topic.
I highly recommend the academy for any couple! It saves time and it's much less stressful knowing that professionals can lead you from the beginning to the end of the application. I'm very happy and confident that we did the right thing by chosing the academy.

Briony Cullin

Google Review

24 November 2020

We signed up to The Partner Visa Academy (for the "Do It Yourself" package) at the end of May 2020. We were ready to lodge our application in August, and the visa was granted in November 2020. We were delighted that Graeme was granted permanent residency at this stage and I attribute that all to the amazing guidance of PVA. We'd been faffing about getting the application submitted for ages before signing up for PVA - their programme gave us a really clear plan of attack and made the whole process so much easier. The video content is brilliant - great length videos, easy to digest and walks you through what you need to do. The Facebook group is really motivational and helpful, and we loved being able to submit questions and get really detailed answers. We had a call with Joanne before we submitted which made us feel really confident with our application. Every person we dealt with at PVA - Joanne, Emma, Grace - were all amazingly helpful and real experts at this. It gave us a lot of confidence and reassurance. Before signing up for PVA I felt really overwhelmed by the process, but they took that feeling away and made it really simple for us.

Ellen Lyell

Google Review

19 November 2020

The Partner Visa Academy was so useful in navigating the whole application process. The video content and Facebook group provided so much support and gave us the motivation we needed to get it done quickly. Our visa just got granted in 5 months!!

Margaret Nero

Google Review

24 October 2020

We are so thankful to the Partner Visa Academy for all the help they provided through the academy, without them we could not have lodged a successful do it yourself Partner Visa application. It gave us the confidence that we had done enough thoughout the stages and what else we needed to upload for the application whilst the procession time was waiting. Our Partner Visa, tempory(820) and permanent(801), have now both been granted and we are so happy and relieved. We recommend Partner Visa Academy to anyone who needs to do a partner visa application, you will learn all you need to for each step along the way. You will get step by step help, with videos to watch, helpful printable help sheets, links to forms, useful tools, and facebook live weekly answers to questions, anyone from the academy has asked that week. You will find the academy and staff very very helpful and friendly, you will be so grateful you joined. We will be forever grateful to Emma and her team for creating such a brilliant idea for helping people who can not afford to go the full help way.

Benji Benjamin 

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16 October 2020

The team at The Partner Visa Academy & Freedom Migration we’re so helpful all the way through our visa application. The resources they have make it very handy as we chose the DIY option. Online module & Facebook live we’re great for us both to do ourselves. Can’t thank you enough for a very smooth process :) Alex & Ayaka

Savanah Prichard

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14 October 2020

My boyfriend and I went through The Partner Visa Academy for our Partner Visa. This is the perfect online program for couples to go through when completing the complicated time consuming visa application. We purchased the "Peace of Mind" package which gave us constant online support via private Facebook groups and weekly office hours via Facebook live. You are also given an account where you are given templates, tutorial videos and examples for every step of the way. Joanne was very helpful the entire time and very responsive via FB and Email. I can not recommend Partner Visa Academy enough for couples who are willing to put in the work to put together an amazing application while having support by educated migration agents who are always happy to help with any questions you have. Easy to use online step by step program, highly recommend!!!!

Cindy Calimag Gutierrez

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13 September 2020

Im so glad my partner found the Freedom Migration.I highly recommend Freedom Migration ?? They responds quickly or addresses question in office hours (Partner Visa Academy) They also entertain questions through private message. They take the matter really professionally and will even go further to check your progress every time. Thank you so much for being part of our journey in processing our partner visa. Thank you Joanne,Emma and Grace ? You guys are awesome ??????

Alisha Ffion Sara

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23 July 2020

After spending so many stressful weeks researching the 820/801 visa and trying to figure out how to organise my paperwork etc, I came across the PVA. The PVA has been amazing, so informative and the agents are super friendly. I would recommend the PVA to everyone, it made the process so much easier and less stressful! Big thanks to Joanne, who is awesome!

Yalina Shadid

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26 April 2020

PVA had been amazing in helping us put all our documents together. My husband and I felt so lost and had no idea where to start. PVA broke up the process for us and pushed us in the right direction. We were so lucky to run across them and even had a session with a Migration Agent before lodging just to make sure all our papers were in order which gave us peace of mind upon lodgement. They always replied back to emails and their Q&A sessions with Joanne were extremely helpful. I think we would have probably delayed our application if we hadn't signed up for PVA. Thank you for all your wonderful help

Sadegh Abbaspour

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8 April 2020

PVA, Thanks a lot for being the perfect companion in our love journey. We do not know how to thank you enough for all the support and constructive suggestion. Step by step tutorial was excellent, Q&A was complete and follow up was best. You guys did not allow anything to become a problem in our way and made everything so simple and easy. You guys are well and thoroughly the peace of mind. We are really grateful that we found you and proud to be a part of PVA.

Gabrielle Boyd

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29 January 2020

The PVA team have been incredible. I can't imagine where my partner and I would be without their invaluable help. To say the whole visa process is overwhelming, is an understatement, but with their invaluable help it's kept me calm when I'm sure I would've thrown my hands up and given up. Everyone is super lovely and willing to answer your questions with as much information as they have - even when they are asked the same questions over and over.

Courtney Erin-Lee

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13 January 2020

We found the application process so overwhelming! But the Partner Visa Academy made it all so much easier. The steps were full of information and broken down well for us to understand. But mostly, it was such a relief to have our application checked over. We didn’t feel as nervous to actually submit it once having some reassurance from the Academy team. We have submitted our application now, so fingers crossed! ?

Naia Armitage

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26 December 2019

The partner visa academy was amazing from start to finish.The videos were easy to follow and in depth, and covered everything we needed to know. We only had a very short period of time to complete our aplication and there is no way whatsoever we would have been able to do it without Emma and her team. Grace, especially, was incredibly helpful, always on hand to quickly answer all of the many questions we had. :) Our application was reviewed by Joanne. Not only was hte review completed quickly but, it was also really thorough too. We didn't have to make many changes either which, was a major plus. I now feel confident that we have submitted a well rounded and in depth application...which, will make the long wait so much less stressful. :) Thank you!! :)

Amit Mane

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29 October 2019

PVA is the best thing we came across while preparing our visa application. The DIY kit is very well drafted, while being precise and easy to understand. The team is always helpful and quick to answer any queries. We also choose to get our application reviewed and it was well worth it. They are extremely professional and we would definitely recommend their services. We thank the PVA once again for doing an amazing job!

Snow Sun

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19 October 2019

5 out of 5 for their highly professional, prompt and friendly service. Thank you Joanne, Grace and Emma, you guys are awesome! You made this huge task of mine suddenly so manageable?

Morgan Meeks

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17 October 2019

The academy was straight forward and filled with amazing information that I had no idea about! Definitely with the money! It’s has given my partner and I a peace of mind knowing we got all of our information from well informed partnership visa agents!

Heidi Noble

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7 October 2019

We originally thought we would be able to process our partner visa without engaging a migration agent to assist us but as soon as we started the process we knew we were dreaming! Thankfully we came across the PVA who provided us with the knowledge and information we needed to pull together a strong application. We would highly recommend PVA for all of your visa needs!

Hannah Carrie

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25 September 2019

The Partner Visa Academy has been beyond amazing and I cannot recommend it enough! It made what is such an overwhelming application a lot easier by breaking it all down and having steps to go through. After having joined many FB groups and googling you receive so much different advice and it's confusing and again overwhelming. It was a total comfort knowing that everything I had access to was coming from Visa Migration agents that create these applications for people everyday.
It was all set out so well, the videos were great!

Big thank you to Grace - who answered my many emails always providing me with help, Emma - who really helped in my one on one skype call.. I highly recommend doing this ? and Joanne - who reviewed my entire application. It really did give me 'Peace of Mind'

I wish I had known about the PVA earlier it's the perfect balance and it is really worth every cent.

Kasumi Komatsuzaki

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14 September 2019

Emma and the team have been supportive to help me with my partner visa to work together with my partner and be strong as a couple through a tough process until I got granted one today.
It’s such a wonderful moment when you get your visa granted and be able to share the happiness with everyone.
I absolutely recommend people who are worried and want to get a help with partner visa get some support from the partner visa academy. And hope you enjoy your life in Australia with lots of happiness with their partners like I have been able to. Thank you so much for your support, Partner Visa Academy!❤️

Gurpartap Singh

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14 August 2019

Everyone is very friendly and they take case very serious. They are the best for partner visas.

Dion May

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14 August 2019

The Partner Visa Academy is so easy to follow and took a lot of stress out of our Partner Visa application at an affordable price. Everyone was very knowledgable and quick to answer any queries. We would thoroughly recommend the Academy, without hesitation, to anyone thinking of using them

Mark Smith

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15 July 2019

The partner visa academy has helped my partner and I to successfully lodge our visa application. Having the knowledge provided by the academy to know how to best present all the evidence requirements needed by Immigration made the process less stressful. And at any times when we had questions or concerns, a friendly staff member was there to answer us and very promptly. The support and professional approach from the academy has made uploading a visa less complicated, and made us feel confident. Many thanks to them and I highly recommend to use the service provided!

Corinna Mauch

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9 July 2019

I'm so glad my partner and I found the Partner Visa Academy!! They have been absolutely amazing, the material they provide is clearly structured, easy to understand and most questions can be answered through their "office hours". We also booked a private session with Joanne when we were struggling with our application and she was so, so helpful! It was really a great resource that provided us with everything we needed. It gave us a lot of piece of mind to have professionals answering our questions instead of relying on outdated forums or other people in facebook groups, who can give misleading or wrong information. We're still waiting for Immi to look at our application, so hopefully it will all turn out well! Thanks PVA!!!

Alex Reszka

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30 May 2019

I found the Academy very informative, especially all the videos. I think they are explained in easy language that no one should have any issues with understanding. I really like that there is also Facebook support group and live answering questions as it’s super helpful and also takes a bit of stress away knowing that there is always support. I totally recommend it ! Many thanks for your suport?

Greg Sheehan

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15 May 2019

The Partner Visa Academy is an invaluable resource and I couldn't imagine trying to lodge an application without it.
The Academy staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient; without their help we would have been totally lost.

My only quibble would be that it wasn't made clear when we signed up for the Academy that we would have access to it for a limited time, however when I mentioned this in an email we were granted an extension.
Overall my wife and I have had a very positive experience with Freedom Migration and the Partner Visa Academy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone hoping to get a partner visa.

Rachel Pan Yijun

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3 May 2019

The Partner Visa Academy offers such a great platform that allowed my partner and I to complete the whole visa process on our own so easily! They have clearly thought through what the client needs and have provided everything we need in such a systematic process. The consultants were quick to respond to requests and are so helpful in every step of our application journey. I would highly highly recommend the Partner Visa Academy to anyone who is looking to get a partner visa!:)

Ma Ria

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1 April 2019

At first, we thought that our application was ready to go (DIY). But after the Visa Planning session with Ms. Chen, we realized we were lacking in a fair few areas. So she recommended us the Partner Visa Academy.

We would like to thank the Academy for all your help and assistance. The assistance was quick and concise. The videos and the templates were a big help to us to make our preparation easier and organized. Everytime we had queries, they answered quickly (Ms. Grace, Ms. Chen, Ms. Vania, Ms. Joanne). They were making sure that our queries are answered. Ms. Emma and her team are very professional, very courteous and friendly ❤. We felt easy and comfortable in reaching them. We would highly recommend to anyone processing partner's visa themselves (DIY) to use this service. It's worth every cent. ?? It was a real pleasure and a blessing to deal with you guys. God bless! ?-David and Flor

Sabrina Niemi

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2 March 2019

The Partner Visa Academy is the cheapest way to be guided throughout collecting your evidence and documents. I had no idea how many questions I would have until I started to go through the visa and they were all answered timely (usually within the day, mostly within a few hrs) by the staff. You also get to see others experiences when they post. Couldn’t recommend them enough, they really do care about you and your partner.

Margaret Nero

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13 June 2018

The Partner Visa Academy makes it so much easier to apply for your Partner Visa on your own. Knowing you can get the advice you need with office hours every week where your questions can be answered. The modules breaks it down so you can work through the process and feel confident when it comes time to lodge your application. Recommend to anyone wanting to apply for the Partner Visa who can’t afford to hire an agency to help them.

Giir Makuei Dheng

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8 August 2018

I'm glad partnership visa is willing to help partners and gives some advice to some of us who have ran out of ideals, I wish I was one of the immigrants who are saying within Australia.